Child Protective Services

Our goal is to ensure the Child Protective Services (CPS) system works effectively and efficiently for Texas children and families in or at risk of entering the system.

Given the complexity of CPS’s mission, the agency has remained in a constant state of turmoil, punctuated by emergencies over several decades. Our child welfare system lacks measurable outcomes that are transparent and objective. Providers, policymakers, and advocates need access to real-time data. If we can’t measure it, we can’t improve outcomes for children.

Texas by the Numbers

1 in 5

Almost 1 in 5 CPS investigators and caseworkers leave their jobs each year.


Children with one caseworker have a 74.5% chance of being placed in a forever home in one year.


Estimated cost of each departing CPS staff member.


Children with 2+ caseworkers due to turnover have just a 17.5% chance of being placed in a forever home in one year.

TexProtects’ Strategic Priorities

Limit child removals from the home and ensure families have adequate resources to prevent children from experiencing chronic neglect.

Strengthen services to keep children safe at home and invest in relative caregiving when appropriate.

Increase recognition of the signs of abuse and reports to CPS.

Strengthen the CPS workforce to reduce turnover and ensure children have the best outcomes.

Ensure access to real-time data to help drive future decision-making.

The TexProtects Impact

Successfully advocated for $12,000 salary increases for CPS caseworkers to improve retention and strengthen the workforce.

Championed and passed a requirement for CPS to release monthly child welfare data.

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