Strategic Initiatives

Dallas County HOPES

The HOPES program, an initiative under the Dallas County Family Wellness Council, aims to lower the risk of child abuse and neglect by providing free, equitable and critical resources to families in their communities, creating a positive environment for them to grow and thrive. In Dallas County, we partner with United Way of Metropolitan Dallas to contract with community-based organizations to provide HOPES – Healthy Outcomes through Prevention and Early Support. Local services provide free parent education, home visiting, support services and connections to resources for families with children ages five and younger in Dallas County.

What’s at Stake

The HOPES program seeks to reduce instances of child maltreatment by helping parents with children ages five and younger to improve their parenting skills through parenting supports and community resource connections.

Who's Involved

TexProtects, Co-Chair
United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Co-Chair
Funded by Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

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