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How to Advocate for Texas Children

Use your voice to help shape child protection in Texas, and help children and their families stay safe and strong.

1. Write To Your Legislator

A handwritten or emailed note to your representative is a great way to communicate what is important to your community.

2. Share On Social Media

Social media platforms are the quickest and broadest ways to get your policymaker’s attention to issues that matter to you the most.

3. Call Your Representative

Legislative staffers keep notes and share the number of constituents who call in on each issue. There’s power in numbers!

4. Schedule a Meeting with Your Representative

When you meet with your legislators in person, they can see the real-life impact of policy on child welfare.

5. Complete and Share Advocacy Alerts

Completing our advocacy alerts helps policymakers know the issue matters and affects their constituents.

How a Bill Becomes Law

Did you know the Texas Legislature convenes every two years? The legislature has only 140 days every other year to pass a budget and hear bills that will have long-term effects on Texas families and children. Below are some resources to help you navigate how bills become laws and how you can influence the key players involved in making these decisions.

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