Family Preservation: Promoting Kinship Care

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Data-informed Decision Making: The Texas Child Welfare Data Institute

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Trauma-informed Education

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The Continuum of Prevention to Reduce Disparities

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Building Resiliency in Our Classroom and Families (presented by Cigna)

The 2020 Cigna Resilience index study showed that although children start off as highly resilient, they experience a sharp decline in resilience through their early pre-teen years through age 23. To better understand and help Americans build resilience in the face of today’s challenges, Cigna fielded a multi-arm national survey of 16,500 school-aged children, their parents, young adults, and working adults. Tom Heritage, LPC discusses ways to build resilience in our children and their classrooms.

The 87th Legislature: How to Become a Champion for Texas Children

Are you ready to become a champion for Texas children this legislative session? Learn how to take action and protect today’s children for tomorrow’s Texas.

The 87th Texas Legislative Session: How Texas Bills Become Laws

The best way to change the outcome is to know the process, don’t you agree? Understanding how a bill becomes a law in Texas doesn’t need to be complicated. Join our policy experts as they illuminate the process and provide the necessary tools to be Champions for Children this session.

Understanding ACEs to Build Resilience

The research is clear. What happens in early childhood matters and can stretch far beyond the walls of a home to last a lifetime. Learn about TexProtects’ latest analysis and data regarding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and how understanding this evidence is the key to preventing ACEs in the first place.

Root Causes of Child Abuse

The CDC has identified risk factors for child abuse and neglect at individual, family and community levels. Addressing the root causes of child maltreatment can strengthen families and prevent maltreatment, before a child is ever born, ensuring every child reaches their full potential.